AJIA Collection

The AJIA collection features the signature products of the brand. The contemporary design accentuates your style with a lustrous finish!

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Timeless Collection

The Timeless Collection signifies classic beauty. The simple yet elegant design guarantees to complement any outfit.

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Luxury Collection

The Luxury collection only picks high quality and premium pearls. Each piece of jewelry is a symbol of timeless beauty.

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She is Supra Rare Collection

Curated by Kumiko Lau, Miss Supranational HK 2022 and as part of her #sheisrarecampaign, this collection served as a note to honour who you are and nurture someone’s cultural identity. 

Each of the piece celebrates the strength and uniqueness of Hong Kong culture, allowing us to radiate that power every day. These bespoke pieces are perfect as a daily reminder that when you go through any life challenge, you can always fall back on your practices of self-love and connecting to your surroundings. 

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Mad Pearl Collection

A little luster for urban gentlemen (or modern ladies) which balances pearls' natural delicacy with something a little tougher. Outfit yourself and rock your pearl jewelry with gusto.

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